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Artem Tokariev Founder & CEO of TIMI Grand Group, Inc.

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Artem Tokariev
Founder & CEO

Committed towards helping organizations and online businesses realize their core objectives by providing the best online and offline practices.


TIMI Grand Group, Inc. makes the online work and contribute towards your overall business growth. Our services involve several interlinked sections such as print & web design, mobile & web development, online marketing, eCommerce, brand building, business consulting etc. Customized solutions are what the company aims for in all situations. Intensive analysis is the driving force behind all efforts generated by our professional team.
Our accurate assessment and analytic oriented methodologies are easy to implement and cover the latest technological parameters. We implement solutions in different cohesive modules designed as per the work methodologies and niche markets relevant for your organization. The focus is to cover not only the short term goals but also make concrete changes so as to orient the overall progress towards long term goals.

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Whether it is the branding strategy or videos intended for marketing purpose, a well conceptualized and implementation oriented design for the big picture is the backbone of any successful endeavor launched in the world of eCommerce and internet marketing. Analytical trends suggest the best pathways for creating the necessary designs for channelization of new ideas and thereby result in the creation of feasible workable plans that actually produce results. This leads to adaptable business practices which work as per current market trends.
Our core team comprises of experts from different fields with extensive experiences in several high end projects. This core blends together to focus on the end results that you are seeking in any target market. With design strategies that take into account your functional parameters and organizational objectives, methodologies that we adopt are truly customized to the core. This is precisely why the implementation process, being backed by extensive studies from different core areas focused on the same purpose, becomes a relatively easy affair.
All industry participants come within our functional radar allowing us to understand the competition that your business faces. Working closely with your operational team, we constantly analyze the implementation process to bring out any dynamic changes to suit end objectives. Some of the parameters that are integrated in our design works are corporate identity design strategies, opportunity analysis, print design studies for specific functional modules, risk analysis, technological feasibility and assumptions regarding market growth.
Whether it is a start up organization or a well established brand, technology oriented creative online development penetrates at all levels. Although scintillating online reputations are not created in a day, focused developmental activities can massively accelerate the progress. Our planned & customized approach of bringing in the best parameters in different aspects such as content, mobile & web development has found massive appreciation from clients and provides our team the necessary leverage to bring out the best in all projects.
Creatively designed & embedded with the latest technological standards, our development endeavors add life to your online presence. From highly interactive applications for both web and mobile to high end websites for different platforms, we engage technology with your brand value and organizational goals. A value adding presence on the web brings in the focus to different facets such as content, web & mobile development. Integration of the best features in all studios is what makes brand names last in the online world amidst stiff competition.
Knowing your vision and focus is crucial for us to make the best plans for different segments of development. Another pivotal reason for the continued trust bestowed on us has been the formulation of affordable plans that bring in great returns. Success on the dynamic web platform is just the amalgamation of planned development with the latest standards at all levels. Get in touch with our expert team and know how easily our approach can propel you towards a prospering online business along with lasting results.
Customized online marketing solutions ensure that your business continues to gain on leads and new customers at all times. With our panel of experts from different fields we are able to bring in unprecedented gains for clients within a short span of time. The focus is not just to increase the number of visitors but optimizing the site so that visitors turn into customers on a magnanimous scale. We believe that internet marketing strategies are effective when they meet the end goals of the organization by producing quick as well as long term results.
Targeted online marketing solutions can mean the difference between successful and low earning businesses. With social media and mobile coming in as important additional platforms on the web, the importance of cohesive strategies has scaled new heights. All of our experience shows that no one strategy is the solution for all in different cases. Both traditional marketing solutions such as blogs, e-mails, newsletters etc. as well the latest techniques involving apps or social media have their relevance in different stages.
Our approach is not focused around increasing the number of visitors but rather bringing in customers. This approach has always reaped rich dividends for our clients. Whatever may be the marketing strategy being practiced by the company, we can analyze current situations and bring out comprehensive solutions for desired outcomes. With an active focus on conversions we plan out different work plans in areas such as content marketing, search engine marketing, social media marketing, mobile based promotion etc.
The best eCommerce services are simple and incorporate the latest in technology ranging from product pre-views to secure payment systems. The best practices are mandatory to bring life and innovation into the digital experience. The best outcomes are achieved when the architecture fits in with the overall business objectives of the organization. We offer full scale innovative eCommerce solutions that are derived via analysis of all contributing factors which ultimately unleash the magnanimous potential of your business.
eCommerce dynamics have completely revamped owing to the exponential rise of mobile and social media platforms. To outclass competition in this new setup companies need to act both swiftly and smartly. In-depth analysis and insights regarding changing customer behaviors leads to the formulation of new and innovative eCommerce strategies. Whether you are looking for the latest concepts or aiming to revamp the existing eCommerce model, we offer the best strategies that are aligned with your core goals.
Right from conceptualization to implementation modules we add value to your revenue generation. Our customer experience strategies help in extracting the full potential of your web development efforts. With smart marketing tactics and coherent time bound modules, we execute stage wise developments within your requirements. By modeling your core business functions in line with the latest practices you get sustained results and complementing work practices ingrained in overall work system.
Amidst increased competition levels from a global perspective, there is an acute need for organizations to reinvent themselves on a consistent basis. Over the years, we have worked with several top notch organizations and helped them achieve business turnarounds with record speeds. As a team of consulting professionals, we explore the full of possibilities using our vast knowledge resources across various sectors to being out tangible solutions that are in line with your functional parameters and target expectations.
We prioritize in providing clear and simplified solutions for various business management issues. The experience of our consulting professionals allows the generation of cost effective, long term and highly responsive solutions for any business module. We understand the intense need for companies to stand apart from competition and the pressure to perform amidst rising customer expectations. All our solutions originate from rigorous analysis of current working practices along with comparisons of several functional modules in the same sector.
We work with leading companies across the globe and become an asset in their business transformation measures. Our focused solutions help management teams to reinvent their existing operating modules and easily scale up productivity levels while increasing the corporate performance quotient. The advantage for our client rests in the expert domain knowledge across various sectors that help our experts in devising simple yet truly revolutionary performance building measures which also possess cross-country capabilities.

What our clients say?

TIMI Grand Group, Inc. helped our website by developing strategies and utilize new technologies that have vastly improved the quality of our online presence. Our business wouldn’t be thriving this much without their excellent partnership.

Alex Tevillo, The Tennis Pages

What our clients say?

TIMI Gramd Group, Inc. helped us to streamline various internet marketing campaigns and brought forward the intrinsic connections between different methodologies to suit our end goals. It was truly a learning curve for our entire team.

Dr. Shahnaz L. Formoli, Arden Park Dental Care

What our clients say?

Employing the latest eCommerce practices for our business seemed to be a technologically farfetched intention. Truly surprised by the simplicity of implementation and the immediate customer response in highly competitive niches.

Hasan Lodhi, Half Price Drapes

What our clients say?

We were not sure how to use eCommerce or how beneficial it would be to our business. Once TIMI Grand Group, Inc. setup our website with the latest eCommerce solution, the benefits rolled in faster than We could’ve ever thought possible.

Alexey Palamarchuk, Ringoo

What our clients say?

Before going with TIMI Grand Group, Inc. , our online business was struggling to keep a steady supply of customers. After helping with our marketing campaigns and strategies, orders are coming in faster than they can be filled.

Vsevolod Popovich, Softline International

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